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Why I Created Paleo Physicality

Paleo Physicality exists to provide education and inspiration to live a rich and robust life of physical health. We believe in clean eating, in rigorous physical activity, and in moving our bodies through space in as many modalities as we can.

Our modern lives afford us many luxuries from advancements in medicine, nutrition, and an understanding of our bodies that puts our ceilings far higher than our ancestors. However, we are also afforded the opportunity to blow it all with sedentary lifestyles, hobbies that restrict our movement instead of enhance it, and food that hurts our bodies rather than heals it.

I don’t believe in perfection. The guidelines laid out on this site are tough to hit. Some days you won’t be feeling it, and that’s ok. Other days, you’ll feel like you’re truly thriving and that your commitment to disciple is having tangible impact on your quality of life.

I’m here to support in your journey on your good days and your bad days, and to provide a resource to realign yourself too when you’ve veered back too close to the standard western diet and lifestyle.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Ryan.

I started Paleo Physicality to share my love of a tough lifestyle, but one that is grounded in reality. I believe that vibrant health and a robust sense of physicalness is possible but not necessarily easy.

Many of the principles to get there are simple but require will power and an unusual ability to say no to life’s modern temptations. It’s a tough journey and one I fail at regularly, but one that brings me a deep sense of fulfillment.

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