Best CrossFit Grips

Best CrossFit Grips

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Originally designed for military and police training, more and more people are joining CrossFit gyms for their daily exercise routines. CrossFit helps you to increase your strength and condition your entire body.

It’s also well known for its encouraging community vibe that will give you the support you need—and maybe a few new friendships.

One thing about CrossFit: it requires some gear. If you join a gym, they will have most of the equipment you’ll need. However, among other things, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of your own weightlifting grips each time. We’ll go over why you need CrossFit grips and point you toward some of the best products on the market.


Quick Product Roundup

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Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips

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Fit Vikings CrossFit Grips


Cobra Grips by Grip Power Pads

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PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Grips

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WOD&DONE Custom Hand Grips



Why Do I Need CrossFit Grips?

If you are new to CrossFit, you will soon learn that you are going to be lifting a lot of weights and doing a lot of pull-ups. If you haven’t done that before, the skin on your hands is probably pretty smooth. Once you start lifting weights and your body, that might change.

In CrossFit, you’re going to use several different kinds of weights, and most of them will be metal. When metal rubs against the skin, you can get calluses that may rip open.

CrossFit grips will help keep calluses from forming or splitting—saving you weeks of time spent away from the gym while your hands heal.

There is also the potential for sweating causing your grip to slip. If you get sweaty palms, CrossFit grips will help reduce the potential for slipping. This will protect your fingers and wrists and can help you avoid the potential of a really bad accident.

Which Features Are Important in a CrossFit Grip?

There are several different features in a grip. A grip will only work if it’s comfortable and functional, so it’s important to be honest with yourself about what does and doesn’t work for you. It’s best to try some different types on before buying them so you know what feels best for you.

Holes: Some CrossFit grips have holes for two fingers, others have holes for three. This will determine how much of your palm is covered by the grip.

Materials: You’ll find grips made of leather, while others are synthetic or adhesives. Choose what feels best on your skin.

Wrist support: Grips come with varying levels of wrist support. If you like wrist support while you lift, it’s a good idea to find a grip and wrist support combo.

Ventilation: Your hands can easily get sweaty while lifting. A good grip will encourage airflow and help minimize the potential for slipping.

Finding the Right Size

To find the right size, you will need to use a flexible tape measure. The process is similar to measuring your hands for gloves.

First, wrap the tape around the widest part of your hand, right under your knuckles. It is best if the tape feels snug to ensure you won’t have material tension from getting a size too big.

Once you measure the width, check the manufacturer’s website and see if they have a sizing chart for their gloves. Most will offer a range of widths that fit.

To learn more about measuring for gloves, check out this video:

Best CrossFit Grips


Best CrossFit Grips



Bear KompleX 3 Hole Hand Grips


Our Overview

These CrossFit grips are made of genuine leather, so they are really soft on your skin while still giving you a solid grip. You can choose between two-hole and three-hole options.

The grips are also embroidered with the motto, “get better,” for those of us who need a little extra motivation sometimes.

In some grips, the buckle can dig into your skin. Or if it doesn’t have a buckle, it can slip. The Bear Komplex grip has a buckle for durability, but the strap is placed under the buckle to keep it from slipping.


  • Multiple color options
  • Triple-stitching allows the product to last for many workouts
  • Suede and natural leather options


  • Not a lot of wrist support



Fit Vikings CrossFit Grips


Our Overview

Also made of leather, these CrossFit grips come in a variety of bright colors. You will always know which grips are yours. They are designed to fit both men and women and come in three different sizes.

The wrist straps are made of neoprene for easy cleaning. They are also designed to support and protect your wrist. The straps close with Velcro, a great feature for people who don’t like the feel of buckles.

With a really convenient sizing guide on the website, you are sure to pick the correct size off the bat and reduce the potential for returns. Finally, the leather is processed in a way that no break-in period is needed—they are soft from the start.


  • Free carrying bag
  • One-year warranty
  • Sizing chart to reduce the potential for bad fits


  • Only a three-hole version available



Cobra Grips by Grip Power Pads


Our Overview

Cobra’s unique CrossFit grips don’t have any finger holes. For people who want the freedom to separate and move their fingers while lifting, these are great for you.

The grip itself folds into the shape of a cobra head and acts as a grip pad that rests nicely in your palm. You don’t have to worry about finding the right size because the wrist support is adjustable.

The wrist support is thick and heavy duty. It has Velcro and buckles to ensure your wrist is secure. It also has a layer of leather between the buckle and your skin to keep it from catching.


  • Designed to transfer weight from your wrist to your palm to prevent injury
  • Many different colors available
  • Leather and rubber options


  • People with smaller hands will have most of their palm surface covered



PHERAL FIT Natural Leather Grips


Our Overview

With a rugged leather exterior and a smooth leather interior, these CrossFit grips will help to strengthen your hold on the bar. With three different sizes, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your palm best.

The company information describes how the owner of the company struggled with blisters from grips that didn’t fit right on his fingers. These have two-holed grip designed to fit your fingers properly.

On your palm, the grip is slightly loose to encourage airflow and reduce the potential for sweat.

During a typical CrossFit routine, you will change activities multiple times. Some will require grips, and some won’t. These grips are easy to take on and off to keep you from getting behind in your routine.


  • Six-month manufacturer’s guarantee—if you aren’t happy, you get a full refund
  • Triple-stitched for durability
  • Velcro wrist strap provides support
  • Specially treated to avoid color transfer


  • Only available in black



WOD&DONE Custom Hand Grips


Our Overview

Do you only need grips sometimes? Maybe you want to try them out before investing in a permanent pair? These adhesive, single-use grips may be a good choice for you in this case.

These three-hole grips are like a heavy duty tape, giving you a rough patch on your palm to enhance your grip. At the same time, your hands and fingers feel free to move as they need to, without wrist straps or a stiff palm protector. The grip is three inches wide at the palm to provide a lot of coverage.

Let’s face it—grips can be difficult to clean. They absorb a lot of sweat and can get dirty, which is the ideal condition for bacteria to grow. If you have sensitive skin, or you just like to keep clean gear, these disposable grips are a great option.


  • They come in three different color options
  • Hypoallergenic and 100 percent vegan
  • Compatible with chalk


  • Not reusable




My Choice for Best CrossFit Grips

CrossFit is constant change in routine and means you will never get bored. The programs focus on your entire body, so you won’t just get a cardio workout—you will build strength and muscle.

However, if you’ve been a jogger your whole life, it will also mean purchasing some new gear. CrossFit grips aren’t for everyone, but they can save you a lot of pain and help you maximize your lifting weight.

My favorite CrossFit grips are the Bear KompleX three-hole hand grips. I like the flexibility of natural leather and that they have the option for two or three holes. Typically, I wear separate wrist supports, so the smaller wrist strap works well for me.

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