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Best Nike Shoes for CrossFit

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Nike is one of those trusty brands we all know and love. They provide fashionable sneakers for everyday errand running, as well as all kinds of sporting activities.

Shoes might seem like the last element on your list for getting fitter, but they are an important piece of equipment to consider. The diversity of CrossFit means that your chosen shoe must cater to the endless possibilities it brings. Making sure your body remains supported and stable during these tough workouts is imperative.

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is an exercise regimen that challenges your body with an all-around workout. It involves equipment-based exercises, such as weight lifting and climbing, alongside body-based exercises, like squatting and push-ups. Beginners and experts alike can get involved to challenge their bodies to do more.

You could take part in the gym, with all the equipment you might need and maybe a personal trainer. Or you could stay at home, focusing on just a small section of CrossFit exercises that don’t need equipment. Anyone can take the plunge, as long as they have a timer to track their progress as they go.

If you’re looking to get involved in CrossFit but want a little more information on what to expect, here’s a video to help.

With the almost unlimited possibilities that CrossFit brings, it’s important your shoes can keep up. Below are some of the top factors to look for in a CrossFit shoe for success:

What to Look for in the Best Nike Shoes for CrossFit

Shoes are super important in providing a stable foundation for your workout. Of course, exercises such as weight lifting require a proper stance to avoid injury.

It’s also important that your CrossFit shoe can transfer easily from one exercise to another. As we’ve already seen, this regimen is exceptionally versatile, and you’ll need a shoe that can keep up! Below are some of my top factors to look out for in a CrossFit shoe.

Stability and Support

This is definitely the most important factor to look for in a CrossFit shoe. It’s important that your body is moving in the right way with the correct support. A good foundation is where it all starts!

Of course, you should look for a cushioned sole to support your joints during high-impact exercises. Some Nike shoes also come with a Flywire cable, a Vectran or nylon thread developed by Nike, integrated into the laces. It’s used in the upper shoe to maximize the support the shoe gives.


Making sure your CrossFit shoe is durable is imperative so you don’t have to keep going back and buying another pair. One element to look out for that aids in this is the cutout pattern on the shoe. This may seem superficial, but it actually has an ulterior motive.

These cutout patterns are specifically placed to mimic the natural movements of the feet. This means they shouldn’t wear out easily, as they are not straining to fit your feet.


Comfort is paramount to avoid distractions in the gym. Below are the three factors to look for to achieve this.


Mesh is a very common material used in sneakers these days, but it really works well to keep your feet cool. Look out for this if you want to remain calm, cool, and collected during your workout.

Motion and Flexibility

As mentioned previously, patterned cutouts can aid in natural motion and shoe flexibility.


This is a great way to avoid any distractions in the gym. A shoe that weighs you down is no friend to you. Some can even mimic a barefoot feel

The Five Best Nike Shoes for CrossFit

Now that you’re in the know about CrossFit, below are my top five Nike shoes for CrossFit for you to browse.

Although each of these shoes is gender specified, similar shoes are always available for others. At the end of the day, a good shoe will work for anyone. As long as you can find your size, labels don’t matter.

#1 NIKE Women’s Flex Supreme TR 5 Cross Training Shoe

These mesh women’s shoes seem to have almost everything for providing great breathability for anyone who suffers from warm, clammy feet. The upper layer of support and the lower layer of outsole cushioning ensure comfort and stability. This outer layer is also durable, so these sneakers will last for a good while!

The addition of a hexagonal pattern cut into the outsole provides a high level of flexibility and movement. The anatomically shaped foam pods placed strategically along your heel also minimize heel slippage. This is great for any CrossFit exercise, as your foot will move naturally with the support to prevent damage.

To add to this, the Flywire cables at the front of the shoe integrate with your laces for a dynamic fit. This further optimizes ease of motion, with a lightweight feel, to reduce any discomfort while exercising.


  • Mesh for breathability
  • Upper layer support
  • Lower layer outsole for comfort and support
  • Durability
  • Hexagonal pattern supports 360 degrees of movement
  • Anatomically shaped foam pods keep heel in place
  • Flywire cables
  • Lightweight
  • Ease of motion


  • Limited array of colors

#2 NIKE Metcon 4 Mens Cross Training Shoes

Our first pair of men’s CrossFit shoes from Nike have mesh on the heel and the ankle. This ensures breathability from an array of angles so your feet stay cool, even as you work up a sweat.

The strategically placed pattern provides optimal stability for all CrossFit exercises. It also ensures durability, as the shoe moves to your foot as you exercise, minimizing damage to the shoe.

To further this, the Flywire technology locks your feet into place, and the specially designed midsole adds to this stability. You also have the addition of heel clip rolls, which are barely visible, to remove any drag during handstand push-ups.

Generally, this shoe allows for easy transition between your different CrossFit workouts. With the array of exercises available within this area of fitness, these shoes are a great option.


  • Mesh on the heel and ankle for breathability
  • Patterned for stability and durability
  • Midsole designed for stability
  • Heel clip rolls to remove drag
  • Comes in an array of colors


  • Not mesh all over, so if you want a cool fit all around, these may not be for you

#3 Nike Metcon 3 Mens Training Shoes

These men’s CrossFit training shoes have a synthetic rubber sole designed for a variety of exercises. These include weight lifting (including the heavier weights you’re working toward), sprinting, climbing, and general gym exercises.

A cushioned foam midsole not only provides a soft landing for any jumping exercises but also gives great support. In fact, it almost locks your foot into place. Therefore, you can rest assured you won’t be slipping and sliding around as you train.


  • Cushioned foam midsole
  • Support and soft landing
  • Locks foot in place
  • Great range of colors available


  • Some reports of the fit not being true to size

#4 NIKE Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Training Shoe

These breathable mesh sneakers provide a flexible sole for upper internal support. This is perfect for ensuring your stance is 100 percent stable before taking on any of those higher-level weights.

To add to this, the shoes provide a plush cushion foam landing surface. This makes it ideal for anyone who might be attempting any of the jump squats or burpee challenges that CrossFit endorses.

Despite all this extra padding and support, don’t be fooled into thinking that this shoe will be heavy and chunky. In fact, it advocates a barefoot feel, allowing you the motion and comfort required for those tough CrossFit sessions.


  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • Flexible, cushioned sole and landing surface
  • Upper internal foot support
  • Barefoot feel


  • Imported textile so manufacturing conditions are uncertain

#5 NIKE Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes

With a lightweight mesh body, our final men’s CrossFit shoe provides great breathability. Also, the dual-density foam and Flywire cable integrated with your laces will ensure comfort whenever you pick up your feet.

The outsole pattern not only gives a funky look to the exterior but is also great for traction and optimal flexibility. This is ideal for anyone looking to do multiple exercises in one session. In fact, you can switch from your weight routine to some high-impact cardio with no hassle whatsoever, as these shoes do it all.


  • Dual-density foam
  • Flywire cable
  • Outsole pattern for traction
  • Mesh body ensures breathability
  • Lightweight
  • Can easily switch between exercises


  • Support strap at the top of the shoe may be uncomfortable

My Choice for the Best Nike Shoes for CrossFit

My number one choice for the best Nike CrossFit shoe has to be the NIKE Women’s Flex Supreme TR 5 cross training shoe. These shoes provide so many added touches to optimize motion, support, and comfort, without being too chunky.

With Nike’s classic Flywire cables and strategically placed foam pods, this shoe provides optimal support. The sole pattern also gives flexibility and motion without damaging the shoe.

Soft and comfortable, this CrossFit sneaker will get you through even the toughest workouts.

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