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Best Treadmill Under $500

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Who needs a treadmill under $500? Running is something that many people choose to take up at the start of their fitness journey. However, getting out the house can be a challenge if you have small children or you’ve had a busy day at work. And treadmills can be expensive.

A treadmill is a good way to run in the convenience of your home. That’s probably why it’s one of the most common pieces of home gym equipment out there. Although you don’t get the breeze in your hair or the sun on your face, the fact that you can put those miles in at home is a huge selling point.

Indeed, for many—including me—bad weather or a dark, cold night can really put them off stepping out of the house for the daily run. A treadmill provides a fantastic way to get a cardio workout in any weather and at any time you can fit it in!

So let’s look deeper into treadmills before we get to the features of some cheaper models.

What Is a Treadmill?

The treadmill is one of those pieces of gym equipment that even a beginner will know how to use. It’s super easy and requires minimal knowledge to get started.

The only potential difficulty in using a machine like this might be operating the monitor. Many treadmills will include a built-in screen that shows you the stats of your workout. It will also allow you to change up your exercise routine through variable inclines and speeds and built-in workout programs.

Keeping your workout varied with a treadmill can be a challenge. To help you, here’s a video to help you get the best out of your cardio exercise:

What to Look for in the Best Treadmill Under $500

Ideally, trying one out for yourself is the best way to decide whether a treadmill is for you or not. Go to a local sports shop and give one a go, or try one at your gym or community center. This may help you decide what features you want in a treadmill before buying one.

That being said, below are some of the key elements to look for before making your choice.


For the most part, you get what you pay for. Finding a good treadmill under $500 is a great deal.


If you’re looking to challenge yourself, a steep incline is obviously a bonus. However, it’s not always about how steep it goes. How easy it is to produce an incline can be key.

Some treadmills on the market have a manual incline. This means you’ll have to interrupt your workout to step off the machine and set it. This can disrupt your rhythm and mindset. So if this is a concern, opting for an automatic incline will work better for you.

Running Surface

Another feature to look out for is a cushioned running surface. This reduces the impact on your body as you run, limiting the pressure on your joints. It will also limit the noise you make, for those who want to run without disturbing the rest of the family—or the neighbors.

Not only is the material of the belt important, but the width is also a major consideration. A wider belt provides more stability, as there is more surface area to place your feet on as you run.

If you’re more experienced, a narrower belt may be okay. For us mere mortals, anything with a 15-inch width or more will do fine.

The Five Best Treadmills Under $500

Now you know a little more about treadmills and what to look out for, here are my top five contenders for the best treadmill under $500.

#1 Goplus 2.25 HP Electric Treadmill Foldable

Coming in as the lowest price of all five, this one is a really great value for the money. It has an adjustable incline of three levels with a wide, cushioned running belt of 17 inches. The high-quality steel frame makes it reliable and steady as you run. This, combined with a 250-pound weight capacity, makes it great for a less skilled or heavier runner.

With a safe, foldable design, it can be stored upright anywhere in your home. This is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to use up permanent space for their gym gear.

The 12 built-in workout programs allow a diverse exercise regimen for anyone, from beginner to an expert. These can be accessed via the Blu-ray LCD display, which shows your time, distance, calories burned, speed, pulse, and incline. You can be sure to track your progress as you go.

Finally, this model has a quiet motor, cushioned surface, and silicone pads on either side of the running track. This reduces vibrations on the floor and decreases the tension on the machine.


  • Low cost, great value
  • Wide, cushioned runway belt
  • Quiet motor and silicone pads to decrease floor vibrations
  • Blu-ray LCD display shows all your stats
  • 12 built-in workout programs


  • Manual adjustment of incline

#2 EFITMENT Auto Incline Bluetooth Motorized Treadmill

The automatic incline system of this machine, with 15 levels, means you don’t have to interrupt your workout to take it up a gear or two. Moreover, built-in Bluetooth speakers and monitor keep you engaged, playing your favorite music while showing you your heart-rate, time, calories burned, etc., all in one place.

Alongside this, the built-in wheels and fold-up mechanism provide ease of maneuverability. This enables you to use this machine in any room or even in the yard.

Finally, it provides a 15.6-inch wide tread belt, more than enough for anyone under the 220-pound weight capacity. The belt has built-in shock absorption, ensuring comfort and ease during your workout, just what we all need to make working out less of a chore and more of a rewarding experience.


  • 15 levels of auto-incline
  • Pulse rate, calories burned, time, speed, incline, and distance are monitored
  • Speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Nine user programs
  • 9 MPH maximum speed


  • Lower weight capacity than others

#3 ANCHEER App Control Electric Treadmill

With a 265-pound weight capacity, this treadmill makes working out great for almost anyone. The iOS- and Android-compatible app that works with this treadmill allows you to personalize your workout with 12 potential programs. No matter what your level of fitness, there’ll be a workout to suit you.

The built-in speakers further enhance this treadmill, so you can set your own soundtrack to motivate you. You can also monitor your stats as you go with the built-in display screen.

Although this particular product has a manual incline, the soft-drop system it employs means it won’t damage your floor.


  • Connects with iOS and Android to download free workout tutorials
  • 12 preset programs
  • Monitors heart rate, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • Soft-drop system when declining
  • Built-in speakers
  • 1-year warranty
  • Steel frame


  • Manual incline
  • Maximum speed of 7.5 MPH

#4 Merax L510C Easy Assembly Folding Electric Treadmill

The Merax treadmill holds a maximum weight of 240 pounds but has a smaller running space than others, with a tread belt length of only 43.3 inches. This, however, would work well for anyone with a smaller build or perhaps someone who is a more experienced runner. It’s also great if you have limited floor space.

With 12 preset programs, you can really get the best from your workout. The built-in speakers and tablet holder allow you to personalize your workout to keep you focused. Additionally, convenient handlebar controls mean you can adjust your workout with minimal effort.


  • Easy speed adjustment with just the touch of a button
  • 12 preset programs
  • Built-in speakers
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Pulse sensor
  • Handlebar controls


  • Only reaches 6 MPH
  • Maximum capacity of 240 pounds
  • Short belt length

#5 Goplus Folding Treadmill

This last model is another treadmill under $500, but it has some great features for the price, which makes it the ideal choice for anyone on a tight budget.

Its built-in handlebar controls, three-level inclination, 12 programs, phone and tablet holder, and Blu-ray display ensure a boredom-free workout.

The cushioned design reduces noise, keeping those around you happy and undisturbed. Furthermore, the easily stored design means you can set it up anywhere without the worry of taking up valuable space.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy-folding mechanism
  • Soft-drop system
  • Cushioned design to reduce noise
  • 12 programs
  • 5″ Blu-ray LCD display
  • Three-level incline
  • Phone and tablet holder
  • Built-in handlebar controls


  • Maximum speed of 7.5 MPH
  • 220-pound weight capacity
  • Manual incline

My Choice for the Best Treadmill Under $500

My favorite of these treadmills has to be the Goplus 2.25 HP electric treadmill. It’s great value for money and has almost everything that you need from a treadmill without breaking the bank.

It has numerous integrated programs, a wide running belt, a cushioned surface, and a quiet motor alongside three manual incline levels to provide a reliable and diverse workout.

A treadmill is an excellent investment if you want to keep fit but can’t find the time to go out running or get to your gym. Hopefully, this article will give you the inspiration to bring the road indoors!

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