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Rowing is a great total body exercise and a great option for cardio for those who don’t like running, need a low impact exercise, or are just looking to change things up.

As great as rowing is, modern living usually requires us to use a rowing machine indoors, instead of getting out on a body of water.

In this article, I’ll be talking about the ProForm Rower collection, in particular, giving the ProForm 440R Rower a review.

What Is the ProForm 440R Rower?

As I’m sure you’re aware, a rowing machine pretty much just mimics the act of rowing but in a stationary position. This allows for a low-impact, whole-body workout that targets every muscle in your body, as well as your heart.

Want to build muscles and your stamina all at once? Then this is a good way to do it.

ProForm is part of the ICON family, a health and fitness equipment manufacturer from the United States. ICON not only supports ProForm but also some other great brands you may have heard of, like Nordic Track and Altra running.

ProForm, in particular, sells a number of HIIT and other workout products, which challenge your cardio. Their rower collection is small but certainly provides a great option for anyone looking to build their home gym.

Want to know a little more about how the ProForm 440R Rower in particular works? Here’s a little taster:

In this review, we’ll demonstrate that the ProForm Rower 440R is one of a number of great rower options from the ProForm collection. So let’s have a look at what their products can offer us as customers.

ProForm Rower Pros

So what do the ProForm rowing machines provide us that make them a great option for your home gym? Let’s dive into the benefits and see…


Comfort is key to a successful workout, and this is something that ProForm knows. Without comfort, all you’re left with is a painful workout that may lead to injuries or lack of safety. This is why they seem to have made every effort to ensure your comfort.

The seats are padded, and the handrails are soft. This will avoid blisters and sores, helping you to minimize distractions. This way, you can remain focused on the task at hand: getting fitter.


When you’re forking out a lot of money on gym equipment, it’s important that the product remains standing. We really don’t want to be using anything with the worry that it might break while we’re working out. That’s why ProForm rowers all use durable aluminum or steel seat rails to avoid any unforeseen breakages.


Not everybody can fit a ton of gym equipment in their home—for some, it’s just not feasible. Therefore, a compact product is a popular choice.

This can be achieved through the product dimensions as well as folding capability. Each of the ProForm rowing machines adheres to this factor, so you can pop the machine into a cupboard between uses.

LCD Monitor

What’s the key to gym success? Motivation. A display of stats is such a great way to boost your motivation, as seeing your results shows your excellent achievements right in front of you. This is a fantastic way to remind yourself how far you’ve come and how well you’re doing.

Multiple Resistance Levels

This is another great way to tailor your workout. With an array of resistance levels, anyone from a beginner to an expert can achieve great things. This will help you challenge yourself and work toward your goals.

Air Resistance

It’s either air resistance or water resistance, and air resistance allows you to control your workout speed. This is ideal for someone who may be a beginner and wants to work upward in skill. You can begin slow and get faster as you gain strength and confidence.

It also means that someone from the older generation who wants to stay fit can do so easily. As we’ve already mentioned, rowing machines are a great way to get a full-body workout without the impact other sports put on our joints. This way, older people can tailor the workout to their own speed and ability without feeling pressured to overdo it.

ProForm Rower Cons

I really like the ProForm rowers, so there aren’t many negative elements I can talk about. That said, I want to be totally honest with you, so there are a few things to mention.

No Wheels

Although all the ProForm products are compact, foldable, and lightweight, which should aid storage, some models don’t have wheels. This makes things a little tricky, as it means that when you’re attempting to store it away, you may have to strain yourself a little more than you should.

Luckily, the 440R does have front wheels, though, so it can be moved easily.

Difficult Construction

Apparently, these products can take up to four hours or more to assemble! That’s a pretty long time. This is not ideal, especially if you’re not necessarily a whiz with tools. If it’s not user-friendly, this can often put people off, and that’s not something we really want with a home gym product. Expert assembly is often available from the supplier, though, and could be worth the extra expense.

But what we want to know is whether all this is worth it. Will the product live up to our expectations, especially after this long time spent building it? Let’s find out.

Review of ProForm 440R Rower

Let’s see why the ProForm 440R stands above the rest.

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 76.6″ × 20.5″ × 38.3″
  • Shipping weight: 71 pounds
  • Color: Black and silver

Features of the ProForm 440R Rover

  • Soft handrail
  • Pivoting pedal
  • Adjustable foot strap
  • Oversized seat rail
  • LCD monitor tracking time, distance, calories burned, strokes per minute, and total strokes
  • Adjustable molded seat

The first thing to note is that the low pulley means you don’t have to just use this machine for rowing. If you stand at the front of the machine, facing it, you can actually pull the handrail towards you to perform deadlifts and bicep curls. This makes it super versatile so you can save money and space in the process.

Also, the aluminum seat rail makes for sturdy construction, and consequently you can rest assured your workout will be safe. It also means that the product is durable, hence it should last you a long time.

The 440R is also compact and foldable, with wheels at the front, which makes it easily storable. When you want the product out of sight for a while, this is totally achievable.

You also have the added bonus of eight resistance levels, which can help to challenge anyone, from a beginner to an expert. You won’t get bored, and you can stay focused to achieve all your exercise and fitness goals.


  • Compact
  • Foldable
  • Eight levels of resistance
  • Multifunctional
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Can’t replicate the feeling of actually rowing
  • Not suitable for people weighing over 250 pounds

The ProForm 440R Rower: Is It a Winner?

I think what we need to take away from this ProForm 440R Rower review is that the ProForm 440R Rower is loved by many users.

The compact, foldable mechanism means it can be stored away when not in use. Also, the eight levels of resistance make it a versatile and worthwhile purchase for beginners or even the most experienced rower. In this way, it should challenge anyone, keeping your workout varied and exciting.

But in my opinion, what really gives the ProForm 440R Rower the edge is the low pulley, allowing for a versatile workout experience not just limited to rowing.

You really get your money’s worth with these extras. Plus with the durability and sturdiness the 440R provides, it should last you a long while, so you can get regular use out of it for years to come.

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